Help me find my fics! :(

Some of you might remember me as Stella Machiavelli, a writer of dubious quality but an appreciative following on I wrote The Pirate, Blackmail and other fic like that.

Adultfanfiction has bowed to Anne's wishes and deleted everything some months ago. I want my fic back! I think I have some of The Pirate stored on my old computer but I can't be sure. Please does anyone have any of my fics stored? I'd like to put them up on the forbidden archive at least.

I also have a request to see if anyone has a copy of the really old Grimm fic "Sounds like Rapunzel" where Santino kidnaps Louis and locks him away in a tower until (as you might have guessed) a brave knight called Lestat comes wandering about in the forest one night.

Please someone help! I'll write you a fic. You may not like it but the thought counts. =)

FOUND: Link/ story search?

New here and desperate!

Does anybody know where to find 'Convergence'? It was on, but that's gone.

It was about L/L picking up a couple and semi seducing them?

If anybody has it or knows where to find it, I would forever be in your debt.

Thanx atomictrolley11!!


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how beautiful your eyes were

fic dump!

Strictly VC-canon. Hosted on my public DW fic comm. Enjoy!

Title Smile
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG
Word Count 450
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary Lestat liked it when Louis smiled. Not a 'good Lord you are dumb' smile, or an 'I don't even know who you are any more' smile; an honest smile, a real smile.
Notes lol cheesy. I wrote this like... a year ago, maybe.


Title Christmas
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG
Word Count 565
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary One of Lestat's favorite things to do when the weather outside was frightful (but the fire looked so delightful) was lay in front of the fire place, his beautiful Louis in his arms, and sing the songs of the season. Not like the leader of a rockband would, but like how they sang it in the shops over the speakers, the smile evident on their faces.
Notes A christmas fic that I wrote a few weeks back.


Title Self Help Books
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG-13
Word Count 980
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary Of course he would read such a thing in a book! All he ever does is read and brood.
Notes Written in 1st person Lestat.


Title Collection
Fandom Vampire Chronciles
Pairing Lestat/Louis
Rating PG-13
Word Count 689
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary One of Lestat's favorite things to collect was lovers. Even if they were fleeting, he still collected them as if he only had a certain amount of time before they all disappeared forever


Title Untitled
Author nicole4
Fandom Vampire Chronicles
Pairing Lestat/Louis, Armand/Louis
Rating PG-13
Word Count 1244
Disclaimer I own nothing.
Summary Louis couldn't just leave me like this, a being lost and heartbroken. No, it's inconceivable, to steal a line from an old movie I saw many years ago. So I waited, and waited, and after a few days of Louis not coming back to our apartment, I decided that it was time to do something drastic: call Armand.
Notes Written in 1st person (Lestat).

maybe he's born with it...

beta wanted ;D

I can pay you in mix cds

I'm looking for a beta for some of my longer VC fics. They're mostly crossovers with Twilight you know you want to like Edward/Louis but I've got a lot of just VC fics on my hard drive. My previous beta has been lost in the sands of the internet and I can't seem to contact her.

Any help appreciated. xoxo

PS: totally serious about the mix cd thing, too. i have a lot of good songs on my itunes. 8)
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this is what happend when..

this is what happends when im left alone wit nothing but a cd and a copy The Vampire Lestat

title: Untiled Lestat x Louis
rated: umm like pg-13
I OWN NO ONE! (sadly i could have much fun wit these two hehe)
thanks to my amazeing beta who helped wit my horrible english and spelling (seven_future )
ps, this is was written yrs ago its kinda dumb but i was bored n people seem to like it so enjoy

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Looking for fiction

It's my first time posting to this group and I hate it has to be to ask for something but here it goes:
Some years ago I read a fanfic about the whole VC crew exchanging e-mails, I think the title was something like Lost/Stolen E-mails... it was really funny and clever and... oh well, I miss it!
Also, I'm looking for another one but the information is even more vage... it involved Lestat and Nicolas together with a botle of wine and a fireplace (XD)!
I think it was before the NO FANFICTION rule because I remember reading both on dear me, I was so young! Could you please help me?
Thanks for your time
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Looking for fanfic


I am looking for a fanfic titled ‘Memnoch the Spec’ (or ‘the Memnoch Spec’?). I don't know who wrote it, but it has a sequel titled ‘Sins of the Past’ written by the Brat Queen.
I have read the sequel (which is vary good), and I badly  want to know what happened in ‘Memnoch the Spec’ . I've been looking for this spec for months in the Internet, but I cat find it anywhere (this is driving me mad)!
Does anyone know where I can read it? Could you please send me the link?
Or does anyone have a copy of it? Could you please mail it to me?
Thank you VERY VERY much!!!  O(∩_∩)O
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